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Thank you to all Hayes community members that submitted proposals for the 2024 Spring Grant Cycle. The deadline for submission was Monday, May 6, 2024, and so we are no longer accepting submissions for this cycle. We will open up a new grant cycle in the fall.

We received 30 grant proposals! It was wonderful to see how each supported the primary mission of the Hayes PTO, which is to promote the best possible education and educational environment for Hayes School students. We will be reviewing all of the proposals shortly and expect to send out decisions in June.

The Hayes PTO leadership and grants committee work with Dr. Sevelius to approve as many proposals as possible, adhering to District spending guidelines and the PTO Bylaws.

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Overview of Heath PTO Grant Cycles
Cycle Fall Spring
% of Annual PTO Budget ~10% ~30%
Cycle Opens End of October End of April
Proposals Due Mid November Mid May
Proposal Results Sent Early December Early June
Projects Carried Out Winter & Spring of Current School Year Next School Year

PTO Grants Awarded in Spring 2024

  1. Support for School Gecko (Asa Sevelius)
  2. Summer Reading for Staff (Asa Sevelius)
  3. Choral Music from Culture Bearers (Meredith Huntley)
  4. Author Visit Fund (Lindsay Anderson)
  5. Chesney Snow Beatboxing and SEL(socio-emotional learning) Workshops (Meredith Huntley)
  6. School Culture Climate Committee (Kirtan Patel)
  7. Pineapple Project (Rebecca Koocher)
  8. Roland Hayes' Makerspace (Matthew Durant)
  9. The 4th Grade Book Awards (Vanessa Ouellette)
  10. Field Study of the Ecological Changes at Plum Island (Mark Goldner)
  11. Learning from a Scientist-Artist about Climate Art (Mark Goldner)
  12. Science Supplies (Mark Goldner and Melissa Mooradian)
  13. Student Council 2024-2025 (Kirtan Patel)
  14. 6-7-8 Hayes Math Club (Suzanne Raskin)
  15. 2nd Grade Drumming Workshops (Karen Shashoua)
  16. Science Fair 2025 (Theodora Konetsovska)
  17. METCO Connections Special Activities (Karen Shashoua)
  18. Young Scholars Activities (Karen Shashoua)
  19. Field Day 8th Grade Celebration (for 8th graders) (Lauren Stewart)
  20. PEP Materials Fund (Karen Shashoua)
  21. Wait til 8th or Reducing Children’s Phone Usage (Theodora Konetsovska)
  22. Model UN (Elyse Terry)
  23. Wind Turbines Supplies (Matt Picard)

PTO Grants Awarded in Fall 2023

  1. Comfortable Seating For Counseling Office (Carolyn Magnanti)
  2. 2024 Science Fair (Theodora Konetsovska)
  3. Eclipse Goggles for the April 8 Solar Eclipse (Mark Goldner)
  4. Wind Turbine Design Project Supplies (Matt Picard)
  5. Lost and Found Organization (Kirtan Patel)
  6. The Spring Musical 2024 (Kyssandra Perkowski, 5th Grade Teacher)
  7. Girls on the Run Coaching Stipend and Financial Aid (Lara Mego)
  8. Art on the Wing: Wingmasters Raptor Program (Amanda Hockensmith)
  9. Counseling supplies (Jen Watkins, School Psychologist on behalf of the Student Support Team)
  10. Supplies for the School Pet Gecko (Asa Sevelius)
  11. RISE Classroom Materials (Theresa Girardi & Erin Brown, RISE Teachers)
  12. Age Appropriate Adjustable Basketball Hoops (Lauren Stewart)
  13. Heath/Hayes Family Movie Night! (Jon Zurawski)
  14. Shakespeare & Co. Midsummer Night's Dream School Visit (Sara O'Shea)
  15. K-3 Classroom Amygdala Stations (Theresa Girardi, RISE Teacher & Jen Baum, OT)

PTO Grants Awarded in Spring 2023

  1. Massachusetts Children's Book Awards books (Lindsay Anderson)
  2. Summer Reading Books (for summer '24) (Asa Sevelius)
  3. Pineapple Project (Becky Koocher)
  4. PE Equipment Jump Ropes Grades K-8 (Lauren Stewart)
  5. 4th Grade Book Awards (Vanessa Ouellette)
  6. 8th Grade Field Day Celebration (Lauren Stewart)
  7. STEAM Projects (Heath's Innovative Makerspace) (Matthew Durant (on behalf of Heath School Educators))
  8. Mindfulness in Middle School (Katie Goldring and Jeannine Schroder)
  9. Mindfulness Workshops for 5th and 6th Grades (Jeannine Schroder)
  10. Model UN (Elyse Terry)
  11. Rainbow Club/GSA 2023/2024 SY (Alissa Ovadia)
  12. Arduino Sensors for Ecology Investigation (Mark Goldner)
  13. Middle School Science Supplies (Mark Goldner)
  14. Heath Family Game Night (Rasheedah Clayton)
  15. Standing Desk (Kyssandra Perkowski)
  16. Standing Desk for Room 203 (Elyse Terry)
  17. METCO Connections Special Activities (Karen Shashoua)
  18. Young Scholars Program Workshops (Karen Shashoua)
  19. Understanding Neurodiversity: Books for K-2 Classrooms (Karen Shashoua)
  20. West African and Japanese Drumming Workshops (Karen Shashoua)
  21. Ski and Snowboard Club - Bus Fund (Matthew Durant)
  22. Young Scholars Program: Science Fair Materials (Karen Shashoua)
  23. Student Council 2023-2024 (Kirtan Patel)
  24. Dads Read (Debra Morales)
  25. Metco Book Club (Debra Morales)
  26. Middle School Metco Connection (Debra Morales and Kate Goldring)
  27. Door Decoration Contest (Debra Morales, Jandi Strong Dennis)
  28. Pulsera Project (Victoria Ridge)
  29. Heath School Garden (Christin Wheeler)
  30. Sharing Research on the Heath Family (Karen Shashoua)

PTO Grants Awarded in Fall 2022

  1. 5th Grade Author Visit and Books (Matt Picard)
  2. Pineapple Project Performance (Rebecca Koocher)
  3. PE Equipment (Lauren Stewart)
  4. METCO Connections Middle School Meetings (Karen Shashoua)
  5. Young Scholars Science Fair Budget (Karen Shashoua)
  6. Heath Science Fair 2023 (Theodora Konetsovska)
  7. Art on the Wing (Amanda Hockensmith)
  8. Make a Buddy Bench at Each Play Yard (Karla Weathers)

PTO Grants Awarded in Spring 2022

  1. Competition Books! Massachusetts Children's Book Awards, the Brookline Mock Caldecott, & the Cook Prize (Lindsay Anderson)
  2. Dad’s Read (Debra Morales, Ben Page, German David Martinez)
  3. Diverse and Inclusive Biographies for Third Grade (Rachel Hayashi)
  4. Heath RISE Classroom Materials (Theresa Girardi, RISE Teacher)
  5. Heath School Model UN (Elyse Terry)
  6. Lights for the Heath Auditorium (Lisa Yuen Rhoads)
  7. METCO Connections Special Activities (Karen Shashoua)
  8. Metco Girls Book Club (Debra Morales)
  9. Middle School Math Classroom (Melissa Gordon)
  10. Mindfulness in 7th and 8th Grade Health (Jeannine Schroder & Katie Goldring)
  11. Mindfulness in 5th and 6th Grades (Jeannine Schroder)
  12. Music Director/Accompanist - Spring Musical (Alison Kerr)
  13. Rainbow Club and GSA Support (Ellen Mills)
  14. Reflecting AAPI Lives & Experiences: Books for K-2 Classrooms (Karen Shashoua, on behalf of all the K-2 teachers)
  15. Reflex Math Grant (Jennifer Harty and Tatiana Beckwith)
  16. Research Supporting the School Name Change (Karen Shashoua)
  17. SCCC (Kirtan Patel)
  18. Science Supplies (Mark Goldner)
  19. Second Step: 4th Grade Curriculum (David Chaet)
  20. STEAM Projects (Heath's Innovative Makerspace) (Matt Durant)
  21. Stepping Into Community (Sara O'Shea)
  22. Summer Reading for Teachers (Asa Sevelius)
  23. Supplies for Adjustment Counseling Office / Counseling Groups (Carolyn Magnanti)
  24. Support for School Pet "Hawk" (Asa Sevelius)
  25. The 4th Grade Book Awards (Vanessa Ouellette)
  26. West African and Japanese Drumming Workshops (Karen Shashoua)
  27. World Map Bulletin Board (Lisa Yuen Rhoads and Yen-Lin Chen)
  28. Young Scholars Program Workshops (Karen Shashoua)

PTO Grants Awarded in Fall 2021

  1. Art on the Wing (Hockensmith)
  2. Books for 2nd Grade Unit on Community and Maps (Shashoua)
  3. Castle of our Skins: Celebrating Black Artistry Through Music (Huntley)
  4. Grant for Physical Education Equipment for K-8 (Stewart)
  5. Heath School Model UN (Terry)
  6. METCO Connections Middle School Meetings (Shashoua)
  7. Pineapple Project Performance (Koocher)
  8. Sensory Supports for Students with Special Needs (Dillon)
  9. Student Council Initiatives (Patel)
  10. The 4th Grade Book Awards (Ouellette)

PTO Grants Awarded in Spring 2021

  1. Mindfulness for 5th and 6th Graders
  2. Gardening at Heath School
  3. Heath t-shirts for all 2021/2022 incoming kindergarteners
  4. Summer Reading Books for Staff
  5. Mindfulness in 7th and 8th Grade Health
  6. NASP Convention Boston 2022
  7. Staff Spiritwear
  8. Tenacity Challenge (Academic Competition)
  9. World Language Bulletin Board
  10. Massachusetts Children's Book Award
  11. Book Award Programs
  12. Science Supplies for 7th and 8th grade
  13. Climate Change in the High Arctic
  14. Heath's Maker Space for STEAM Projects
  15. Rainbow Club and GSA Support
  16. Zones of Regulation- School-wide social emotional support
  17. 3rd Grade Second Step Curriculum
  18. Specialized Reading Professional Development for Special Education Staff
  19. Autism Resources for Heath
  20. METCO Connections Special Activities
  21. Young Scholars Program Workshops
  22. West African and Japanese Drumming Workshops
  23. Dad’s Read
  24. Metco Girls Book Club
  25. Abstract Thinkers (previously Sitting at the Table)
  26. Books for K-2 Classrooms
  27. Basketball Hoops PE Grades K-8
  28. Equipment for PE Grades K-8

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