This Year's PTO Team

Here are the volunteers that have gratefully offered their time to lead the PTO this year. But there is still much to do and we could use your help in any/all areas, even ones that already have individuals involved. If you want to play an active part in improving our Hayes community, please complete our volunteer signup form or email us ( and let us know how you are interested in helping:


  1. President: Eli Silk
  2. Vice-President/Clerk: AmyBeth Smith
  3. Treasurer: Christopher Weeks

Other Team Members

  1. Volunteer Recruitment: (need volunteers)
  2. Room Parent Coordinator: Deepa Prusty
  3. School Site Council: Lisa Kang, Lara Mego, Nathalie Roberts, Anabelle Skalleberg
  4. Teacher Appreciation Events: Robin Gilula, Katie Sawatzky, Anabelle Skalleberg
  5. Directory: Eli Silk
  6. Back-to-School Social: Barbara Diecker, Deepa Prusty, Tiffany Rinne, Eli Silk, AmyBeth Smith, Chris Weeks
  7. Hawk Fund: Chris Elia, Thomas Renkes, Angelica Rona
  8. Fun Run or Gala to support Annual Appeal: (need volunteers)
  9. Spiritwear: Lindsay Merowitz
  10. Grants: Yen-Lin Chen, Lisa Kang, Thomas Renkes, Eli Silk
  11. Science Fair: Saeed Amal, Jon Bass, Daryl Donatelli, Yen-Lin Chen, Lisa Kang, Theodora Konetsovska, Lisa Yuen Rhoads, Eli Silk
  12. Skate Night: Thomas Renkes, Tiffany Rinne, AmyBeth Smith
  13. International Night: Lisa Yuen Rhoads, Theodora Konetsovska, Paola Rossi, Yen-Lin Chen
  14. Mayfair: Avery Forman, Chelsey Huffman, Jennifer Niloff, Tiffany Rinne
  15. Scholastic Book Fair: (need volunteers)
  16. Brookline Booksmith Night: Rachel Ann Freedman, Deepa Prusty, Courtney Hanna Renkes, Eli Silk, AmyBeth Smith, Faith Yuh
  17. Used Book Fair: Nathalie Roberts, Eli Silk, Alexandra Thayer
  18. K-3 Winter Variety Show: Ana Maria Ramos, Ardasha Rittenberg, Anabelle Skalleberg, Faith Yuh
  19. Understanding Our Differences and Similarities: (need volunteers)
  20. Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Representative: Bob Miller, Tommy Renkes, Eli Silk (need additional volunteers)
  21. SEPAC Representative: (need volunteers)
  22. Anything else you want to make happen...

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